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Dog Attack Lawyer Jerseyville

Dog Attack Lawyer Jerseyville. For most Jerseyville residents, dogs are a cherished member of the family. Unfortunately, not all dog owners are responsible owners. When an aggressive dog attacks someone, the injuries resulting from that dog attack often lead to traumatic scars or other serious injuries. Most dog bites are not fatal, but they can leave scars or cause lasting emotional difficulties when dealing with dogs. If you or a loved one has been attacked by a Jerseyville dog and you are in need of qualified and experienced legal help, Edmonds Law Firm can help.

Our Jerseyville Dog Attack Lawyers know how terrifying a dog attack is. Whether you were attacked by a friends pet, a neighbors dog, or a stray dog, the chances are that the owner of that animal is liable for the injuries you’ve suffered, and they can be held financially and criminally accountable for your injuries and any other losses you’ve sustained because of the dog attack. If you need more guidance regarding your dog attack in Jerseyville, or want to know how a lawyer can defend your dog attack claim, call us today at (618) 659-3442 or contact Edmonds Law now.

Dog Bite Lawyer Jerseyville – How Prevalent are Dog Attacks?

While dog attacks aren’t as prevalent as drunk driving, car accidents, or other forms of bodily harm, they can result in serious injuries. Dog Bites and attacks are traumatic, as found by this CDC report on Dog Bites. Dog Attacks and their bites can also lead to serious health complications which include these listed below:

  • Rabies – Rabies effects the central nervous system of the dog, and causes them to react erratically and become aggressive. Rabies is fatal, and can be transferred through a bite.
  • Capnocytophaga – This bacteria doesn’t harm dogs, but can cause serious infections and sicknesses in humans. People who are already sick and are bit by a dog carrying this disease are at a greater risk of serious illnesses.
  • Pasteurella – These infections spread fast, and typically appear within 24 hours after a bite. The wounds become quickly inflamed, and can damage the soft tissue near the area of the dog bite.
  • Methicillin – This bacteria is resistant to many antibiotics and can cause sepsis, pneumonia, bloodstream infections, and is commonly known as a Staph Infection.
  • Tetanus – This infection does not spread from person to person, and can cause jaw cramping, trouble swallowing, headaches, fever and sweating, any many more health issues.

If you’ve been bit by a dog in Jerseyville and are now suffering from any of the above, or have other symptoms or injuries related to the dog attack, you need an experienced dog attack attorney to fight on your behalf. Call or Contact the Edmonds Law Firm to receive qualified and experienced legal guidance about your dog attack claim.

Dog Attack Lawyer Jerseyville – Get Help

Dog Attacks are traumatic events that can leave the victims scarred for life. No one should be attacked by a dog in Jerseyville, but unfortunately, some Jerseyville pet owners aren’t as responsible as they should be. Their irresponsibility can lead to their pet being loose and attacking another individual. If you or someone you care for was attacked because of another’s negligence, you absolutely should pursue a dog attack claim against the pet owner.

If you or someone you love has been bitten by a dog, and need legal assistance holding the pet owner responsible, we can help. Edmonds Law has the experience and knowledge required to successfully pursue dog attack claims in Jerseyville, and we can help ensure that you or your loved one gets the representation and legal recovery that you deserve. When you are ready to hold the negligent dog owner responsible, call or contact the Dog Attack Lawyers at Edmonds Law to begin your dog attack claim.