Personal Injury Lawyer

The personal injury attorneys at Edmonds Law Office offer experienced legal representation for a wide range of litigation practice areas that accommodate the legal needs of the people in our community. We work hard to achieve the best possible resolutions for our clients, regardless of the type of personal injury sustained. By utilizing our legal experience and thorough understanding of the law, we help clients face a vast array of legal challenges to fight for the fair and just compensation they are owed. While the process may seem daunting, with the Edwardsville personal injury attorneys at Edmonds Law Office by your side, you can have peace of mind that your claim is being handled appropriately.

Before making any final decision, it is important to discuss your options with a seasoned accident lawyer to protect your best interests and avoid the statute of limitations.

Personal injury cases present themselves after a person or group of people have been injured due to the careless or intentional actions of another. Once the responsible party is deemed legally responsible, they become liable for the injury. At Edmonds Law Office, we litigate against the negligent person, people, or companies to obtain compensation for the damages they have caused. Edmonds Law Office has extensive experience in representing clients in all forms of personal injury including auto accidents, workers compensation, wrongful death, and beyond. To examine your case with an experienced Edwardsville personal injury lawyer, call Edmonds Law Office today at (618) 659-3442!

Edmonds Law Office provides each client with a complimentary case evaluation to analyze all available options and possible outcomes. To receive your risk-free consultation, complete our online contact form!

Why should you choose Edmonds Law Office?

  • Backed by over 25 years of experience
  • No fees unless you obtain compensation
  • Expert guidance throughout the claims process
  • Injury lawyers who are compassionate, empathetic, and dedicated
  • Free initial consultation to discuss your case
  • Customized estate plans that fit your needs
  • Minimized estate administration costs
  • Personalized wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other estate plans