Probate Lawyer IL

IL Probate Lawyer. When a relative dies, you be wondering what to do with their belongings, property and debts that are left behind. While many people leave behind a will that designates how and where their assets and funds will be distributed upon their death, not everyone has the forethought to create a will before they die. Will or no will, a probate court will be involved in the transfer of assets to beneficiaries.

What is a Probate Lawyer? – Probate Lawyer IL

A probate lawyer is a legal professional that handles everything that is involved with your departed loved one’s will. Our probate lawyers at Edmonds Law will gather and allocate the deceased’s life insurance proceeds, handle assessments of any existing assets, advise on how to settle the decedent’s debts, and will determine if there are any taxes that are required to be paid in the deceased’s name. If there isn’t an existing will, our probate lawyers will assist in helping the departed’s next of kin file all of the necessary documents listed above. In most situations, a spouse or children will be the default estate administrator for a departed person’s assets and estate.

If there isn’t an immediate family member that the assets are defaulted to, if there is a relative who would like to be the estate’s administrator, all living immediate relatives must sign a renunciation document. This document states that they are abandoning their potential rights to the departed’s assets and estate. If you are looking for an IL Probate Attorney, Edmonds Law Office can help administer the estate’s trust. This process tends to be difficult for family members in the wake of a loved one’s death, so we aim to make the process easier by guiding you through this process.