Living Will Lawyer Bethalto, IL

Bethalto, IL Living Will Lawyer. A living will ensures that your loved one will get the medical care that they’d want if they become gravely ill and cannot make their own decisions. Most people have a last will & testament in place to provide instructions for their assets and estate upon death but forget to also create a living will. The process of creating a living will can be confusing but an experienced living will lawyer can make it easier. Creating a living will is critical because it will save your family from having to make difficult decisions about what kind of medical care they think you’d want.

What is a Living Will?

An experienced Bethalto living will lawyer can create a living will document. A living will document states what kind of medical care you’d like if you are unable to make your own decisions when seriously ill. A living will is important to have if you unexpectedly become seriously ill but can be hard to deal with. It’s important when writing this document to think about your values in life, and what you believe is best for you and your family if you get seriously sick. If a living will is not in place, it can be difficult for your loved ones to choose your medical care when you are gravely ill. Your loved ones will question if they are making the correct choices for your medical care or if you would’ve chosen something different. A living will saves your family from having to go through the pain of choosing a loved one’s medical care, and states your exact wishes for medical care. The Bethalto Living Will Lawyers of Edmonds Law Firm will help make writing your living will easier and ensure that it is true to your beliefs. If you are ready to speak to a Bethalto, IL Living Will Lawyer about how to write your living will, call us at (618) 659-3442 or Contact Us.

How Is a Living Will Different from a Last Will & Testament?

Living wills differ from last wills & testaments because they state a living person’s wishes for medical care when they are seriously ill and cannot make their own decisions. A last will & testament is a document that is used if someone dies. Last will and testament documents contain information about what a person wants to be done with their assets and estate when they pass away. It is necessary to have both of these documents in place in case you become seriously ill or pass away. A last will also keeps your assets from going into probate. Our Living Will Attorneys at Edmonds Law can aid you in writing these important documents and ensure your assets and estate are taken care of when you’re unable to do so yourself.

What Does a Living Will Include?

There are many things that should be included in a living will. A living will lawyer can help you choose what to write in your living will. Some of the more common things that are included in a living will are:

  • Palliative Care: at the end of life do you want to focus on prolonging your life, or that you are pain-free and comfortable?
  • Food and Water: should you be manually fed through an IV or should food and water be withheld
  • Antibiotics:should painkillers be administered when you are sick?
  • Do Not Resuscitate: a DNR allows medical professionals to see if you want CPR or other life-prolonging assistance

What Does a Living Will Lawyer Do?

A knowledgeable living will lawyer will notarize a living will that ensures that your wishes for medical care are protected. If you become seriously ill a living will tells emergency personnel how you want to receive care. This will helps avoid family or spouse disagreements about your medical care. If something is stated in a living will, that is what medical personnel will do if you’re seriously ill. In addition to creating the living will, a living will lawyer will make sure that the Bethalto, IL requirements for a certified living will are followed in the event of a severe illness or death. The Illinois Living Will Act states, “1) Sound mind and age of majority or status of emancipated person (sample form at 35/3e); (2) signed by declarant or another at declarant’s direction; (3) 2 witnesses over 18; (4) not pregnant (or at point where could develop to point of live birth with continued application of death-delaying procedures); (5) notify attending physician.

What Can a Bethalto, IL Living Will Lawyer Do for Me?

The Bethalto Illinois Living Will Lawyers of Edmonds Law Office are dedicated to helping their clients create the most genuine living will for themselves. They are committed to making the creation of a living will simple and pain-free. Our Living WIll Lawyers offer cost-free initial consultations, and we will ensure that when we meet you will understand the process of writing a living will and the total cost of the process. Edmonds Law is committed to making sure that our legal services are as affordable as possible. If you are ready to create a living will and need a living will lawyer, call the Bethalto, IL Living Will Lawyers of Edmonds Law at (618) 659-3442, or Contact Us today to see how we can aid you in creating your living will.